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Version: 3.2.3
Published: 2014-02-20


Data Widgets introduction
Data Browser tutorial
Press Release 2013-10-22


OpenSource Engine, which is used for low level database operations
Discussion about DbShell and DbMouse and on CodePlex server
Software, from which DbMouse was developed

Last changes

2014-01-19 Released version 3.0.0. Better suport of multiple connections. Improved usability.
2014-01-06 Major release version. Introduces data widgets technology (PRO). Adds ability to filtering and sorting of query resuls (FREE).
2013-12-29 Introduced Data Widgets technology, in BETA version 2.3.4
2013-12-12 Version 2.2.0, released DbMouse FREE
2013-12-09 Version 2.0.0, table designer, modify database model
2013-11-18 Version 1.4.0, Caching database structure, local storage for table data
2013-10-21 Version 1.2.0, Diagram tool, favorites, improved workspaces
2013-08-27 Version 1.0.11, Picture preview, XML editor, OpenStreetMap preview
2013-08-12 Master/detail support
2013-07-20 Released versin 1.0.4
2013-06-20 Launched DbMouse Web


Free download software


DbMouse requires Windows operating system with .NET Framework 4.5 installed (you could download it from Microsoft pages)

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dbmouse.msi 3.2.3 Release 2014-02-20 6.53 MB
dbmouse.msi - on mirror server 3.2.3 Release 2014-02-20 6.53 MB
dbmouse-beta.msi 3.3.2 Beta 2014-02-09 5.48 MB 3.2.3 Release 2014-02-09 3.36 MB