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Version: 3.2.3
Published: 2014-02-20


Data Widgets introduction
Data Browser tutorial
Press Release 2013-10-22


OpenSource Engine, which is used for low level database operations
Discussion about DbShell and DbMouse and on CodePlex server
Software, from which DbMouse was developed

Last changes

2014-01-19 Released version 3.0.0. Better suport of multiple connections. Improved usability.
2014-01-06 Major release version. Introduces data widgets technology (PRO). Adds ability to filtering and sorting of query resuls (FREE).
2013-12-29 Introduced Data Widgets technology, in BETA version 2.3.4
2013-12-12 Version 2.2.0, released DbMouse FREE
2013-12-09 Version 2.0.0, table designer, modify database model
2013-11-18 Version 1.4.0, Caching database structure, local storage for table data
2013-10-21 Version 1.2.0, Diagram tool, favorites, improved workspaces
2013-08-27 Version 1.0.11, Picture preview, XML editor, OpenStreetMap preview
2013-08-12 Master/detail support
2013-07-20 Released versin 1.0.4
2013-06-20 Launched DbMouse Web


Free download software


We offer both free and commercial versions of our product. Below you can find compare of features supported.

DbMouse FREE
DbMouse PRO
EUR 7/USD 10
Buy Now
DB Connection
MS SQL 2005, 2008, 2012
Connection query replacements
Database classifier (developer/test/production)
Data Browser
Data sorting
Advanced filtering
Table layouts
Master/detail views
Portable views
SQL Console
Query window
Code completion
Only current command
Run in transaction
Diagram designer
Export diagram to image
Jobs & DbShell
Saved jobs
DbShell Console
Generate DbShell jobs
Table designer
Edit columns
Edit primary and foreign keys
Edit indexes
Edit check constraints
Local storage
Save to local storage
Export from local storage
Database model browser
Browse and change tables
Browse and change views
Browse and change stored procedures
Browse and change functions
Browse and change triggers
Object view (table row details)
Lookup object details
Browse objects (table rows) using defined widgets
Design object (table row) widgets
Widget, which displays values in one row
Map widget using OpenStreetMap
Grid widget (with filtering and sorting)
Widget showing properties in grouped name-value grid

DbShell is database XML engine for describing jobs.